About Star Inn



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Welcome to Star Inn Tokyo, our hostel is made up of young professionals both from Japan and outside of Japan, who are very enthusiastic about backpacking and traveling in Japan. We want to make a hostel that is easy to access for first-timers in Japan, cheap, comfortable, homely place where guests can meet with fellow traveler and the local community.

Located in the suburb of Tokyo, the neighbourhood has an old Edo Tokyo town feeling. The people are very nice and welcoming to traveler. It is a nice place for those who have been traveling for a long time and looking for a place to rest from their travels. That said, many of our guests extend their stay for a few weeks just to relax, play games and share food with us to reenergise themselves before traveling to other cities.

Although located in the suburbs, the train system in Tokyo is convenient to travel with. You can choose to spend the day in the heart of Tokyo and coming back home to our cosy hostel and relax with friends. It feels like visiting an old friend’s house in Tokyo, you can ask us for traveling advice, Japanese sake advice, and other advices…

Another important thing about Star Inn is that you don’t have to change your train to get to Star Inn from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport or Shinkansen stations(Shinagawa and Ueno station). Star Inn is located 5 minutes from the nearest station which is just 12 minutes from Asakusa by train. If you choose our hostel, we wouldn’t let you get lost. Furthermore, you will see our hospitality and old Tokyo. We give you our word.