Yorokobi Gaijin

It sounds the same as 喜び外人 which means happy foreigners, but this Japanese Sake’s name is 悦凱陣.

Roughly translated, it means 「Happy Victorious Camp」, which includes more people than just the foreigners 😉

Made by 丸尾本店(Maruo Main Shop) in Kagawa Prefecture, founded in 1885, Yorokobi Gaijin is very smooth and goes down easily, it is very fruity and has a sharp aftertaste. The alcohol percentage is 18-19%, and falls under the Junmai Sake category, which means that it is a pure sake that doesn’t have starch, sugar or distilled alcohol added to it.

It is perfect with any Japanese side dishes, recommended food to go with it is Yakitori!


Ps: This sake was introduced in the manga 食いしんぼう.

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