Star Inn Tokyo is now open!


Our team is made up of young professionals both from Japan and outside of Japan. What we have in common is that we love traveling and hope that more people will know more about Japan, travel to the cities which are not mentioned in guidebooks, visit the local eateries and make new connections with the locals.

With that in mind, we have opened our first hostel in Tokyo! We are proud to present Star Inn Tokyo by WeIns Co. Ltd.

The image of Japan as a tourist place is that the hotels are very expensive, and so it is not a country of destination for most backpackers. We want to change that, establishing comfortable but affordable place, homely with place where you can talk with one another, share your stories, have a glass of beer after a hard day of traveling.

We plan to open more hostels in the future, in cities which you never heard of, with nature that should be seen by everyone in the world.

With that in mind, please stop by our hostel in Aoto, we will be waiting.

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